Unbound student

Non-regular Students

The Regiment of the UFV Graduate Program provides for the admission of non-regular students.

Applicants must present the following documents at the Institute of Agrarian Sciences, room BBT2, on the dates established in the Graduate Programs Calendar:

I – Application (form);

II – certified copy of the diploma or statement of graduation.

III – certified copy of the academic transcript of the undergraduate program with the explanation of the evaluation system used;

IV – 1 (one) updated 3×4 photo;

V – copy of birth or marriage certificate;

VI – copy of identity card;

VII – Brazilian men must provide proof of military service.

VIII – copy of voter identity card and

IX – copy of Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF).

 Additional information

  1. Application is free from charge.
  2. Applicants must specify in their application form the courses they intend to take.
  3. Non-regular students will be accepted at the discretion of the professor that coordinates the course.
  4. Course schedules are provided at the website of the Registro Escolar (Registrar’s Office) http://www.res.crp.ufv.br/. Class schedule (AGR) may be changed at the discretion of the faculty.
  5.  Non-regular students will be able to enroll in up to 3 (three) courses regular term, in no more than 2 (two) school terms.
  6. Non-regular students will be allowed to renew enrollment provided that they are approved in the course(s) previously taken.
  7. Non-regular students are allowed to request cancellation of application in courses, during the dates established in the school calendar.
  8. Results will be published at wwposagroprodvegaetl.crp.ufv.bron the date established by the school calendar.
  9. Applicants selected to take courses as non-regular students must enroll at the SAPIENS system, on the date established in the school calendar.


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