The goal of the stricto sensu Graduate Program in Computer Science at the Master’s Degree level is to train highly qualified professionals in Computer Science.

Our focus is to constantly seek benefits to the scientific community, to UFV, and to the regional and national development.


The Program aims to form professionals with hands-on experience and a strong theory basis to design, develop, manage, and carry out multiple activities in Computer Science, including training to work in teaching positions.

The students will receive basic training in Computing through disciplines covering areas such as Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Database, and Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, among others, and they will develop work in the Program’s different research lines.

Besides the aforementioned training, the Program seeks to form professionals with the following traits:
• Ability to engage in a scientific or technological research program in Computer Science with a systemic and  ethical view;
• Domain over software development processes that enable reaching high-quality solutions;
• Ability to create innovative solutions by applying knowledge independently and following the evolution of the field;
• Systemic view, maturity, and knowledge that enable assessing technical and scientific solutions in Computer Science;
• Enterprising ability which, allied to the increase in creativity, enables the creation of innovation and, possibly, the development of technology businesses.


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